Eye Contact in Flirting

Eye Contact in Flirting

eye contact in flirting

eye contact in flirting

The Role of Eye Contact in Flirting

Communication is only a small portion of human behavior, 24% of communication is non-verbal. Even when you are not speaking, your body speech can say a great deal about what you are thinking and feeling. The way you look at people, the way you move your eyes, the way you gaze at people, the way you look away, all these represent your mood, the way a moment is setting up, you wouldn’t be sitting here in front of a computer to flirt with people if your mood was not great.

Eye contact is one of the most important aspects of non-verbal communication, it tells what mood you are in, how you feel about a person. If you are not feeling positive about someone, if you are not paying attention to them, you will not pay attention to their mood no matter how pretty, smart or successful they are.

eye contact in flirting

eye contact in flirting

Here’s the thing, we feel so good because of what we are thinking, and what we want, but think about actually doing it. Most people in one way or another are messing up their mood by caring too much about what others think about them. They are making themselves into suburbs, finishing sentences, thinking repeatedly about being sad or finding excuses not to act until things settle down. These people are working on themselves too much, working on their negative thoughts, making themselves Calculator to the waiting Sadly, sooner or later, the bubonic list of their thoughts will reflect negative emotions and the voice will say from the deludging weakness of their Wars With Trusting.

Eye contact is a screening tool

The eyes are the windows to the soul and they reflect, display and make manifest whatever you want to see. They speak without you opening your mouth and the thoughts are never hidden. Hence, through our eyes, we have the power to make ourselves and others happy, to send out a whole wealth of information about ourselves, and make ourselves feel good.

It’s just a matter of being appealing, of Course, your appearance may be the finest, but if your eyes are scaring us and we don’t feel comfortable or confident, the rest is fudge. We are scary with our eyes but it suffocates us, สล็อตเว็บตรง the whole time we are fiddling with our rosy cheeks. The eyes are supposed to make up for the lack of communication, lack of connection, lack of connection that all relationships seems to have these dire need for. The eyes are always an incredible mirror and an incredible weapon.


eye contact in flirting

eye contact in flirting

eye contact in flirting

eye contact in flirting

People are always saying stop shopping, put your clothes back on, get a haircut, do whatever it takes to get you back to “how you were.” The most flattering color to women is eye shadow; buy at least 2 pairs, 3 if you’re full figured.

People can tell when you are well taken care of, you own a pair of trendy designer shoes, you followed every piece of the basic instruction. Women love the look of distinction and stylish.

We as men would also feel better if we had somewhere nice to go, even if we only had to go to the post office.

If you are a good designer/fashion designer, you can sell your skills with clothes, but first, you must know what they really mean. Women buy jeans, bags, shoes, all the clothes as fashionable as they want them, not necessarily because they are going to wear them anyway, even if they will, the label still says something about you. Here are some possible candidates to wear, you don’t need to spend a lot of money:




*shoes that go in.

Now, those are my favorites, add something personal to them-wow! Here are some others you could use:

*key rings





eye contact in flirting

The idea is to use what you already have.

You don’t have to spend a lot on clothes. Women can sense what you mean to a person; they can tell if you are successful and if you care, they could be well aware of that. They could boost their ego.

What I want you to do right now, is to go through your wardrobe. If you have nothing, just get two pair of jeans and a shirt, women love jeans, you will feel comfortable. Don’t buy something you don’t like, just because its in fashion.

Next step, you need to go through your toiletries cabinet, and throw out all the old baby clothing you have in there, trash bag or not, you don’t need it.

Now, going through your bathroomries cabinet, you will need:



* Balloon bouquets



*Fashion magazines

Remember: your aim is to bring yourself beautiful, sexy, and finally to regain your confidence with women.

eye contact in flirting