Addiction to Coloring My Hair

Addiction to Coloring My Hair

Addiction to Coloring My Hair

Addiction to Coloring My Hair

4 Ways an Addiction to Coloring My Hair is Very Dangerous for My Personality!

Anyone who locks eyes on a person with long, dark brown hair and dark brown or black hair is immediately pre-disposed to a deep interest in hair. Many people want to have their own black curls. But can they be successful in wriggling their curly hair into a pleasing design.

Yes! And if they don’t already exist, lots of people want to have them! But it’s not entirely true: black curly hair can be very nice. Women who have it simply crave for a design that goes with their own loose, natural hair curls.

And there are lots of ways to achieve that design. But I will focus on the four major Designs offered by the leading manufacturers.


In the most free-form style, you simply pick the design that you like. There are many designs where you can pick from different colors and texture. But the best thing is: when you like a design, you will probably use it.


While the name “Professional” might sound somehow sexy, there is a better explanation: a hair dresser is a person who specializes in hair design. Yes, not all hair stylists are pros. But there are a lot of people who love to experiment with their hair, and are willing to pay a little to have their hair designed in a way that suits them.

Mix and Match

All these things that you just learned make you pretty special in the existing crowd. But the fact remains that there is no single best design out there. All these things being considered, there is no right or wrong. So if you ask a pro, they will advise you to use your imagination in designing your hair, using many different designs that already exist.

So if you happen to have any of the following designs in mind:

ongrown hair between the two eyebrows

the unibrow

the ill effect of overuse of permanent hair dye

or thinner eyebrows and/or a droopy eyelid

you may want to talk to a hair stylist about what to do.

At the same time, you should be aware that there is no replacement for practice. So if you find it impossible to go to a hair salon and ask a professional to design your hair, you will be able to achieve the desired look at home.

works better on lighter hair

most designs only need to be applied to darker hair

some designs require the use of heat from a styling iron in order to achieve the best result

Knowing how to use hair coloring products is also essential to สล็อตเว็บตรง

 Addiction to Coloring My Hair

 achieve the design you want. By using the right one for your hair coloring regimen, you will be able to maximize the shine and texture your hair has now and moving forward.

You may be able to choose the right color eye shadow to use as well. This is often better than trying to guess what shade you want using the color wheel.


dark circles around the eyes

age spots


Discounted salon fee

Addiction to Coloring My Hair

Addiction to Coloring My Hair

Addiction to Coloring My Hair

free consultation

Here are some designer dyes that are getting great reviews from customers:

powder Blue indigo

purple hues

electric purple

chemical promos

What Colors Are Right For You?

You need to bear in mind when choosing a hair color that the one you like the most expressed the type of personality you have. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a color that will best reflect your personality. Example: If you are someone who works well in events andorganizes things, then colored hair would be suitable. But, if you are someone who likes to party a lot and is also energetic, then natural blonde hair would be a better option.

How to ensure vibrant and natural hair

removing a hair color that is too heavy and creating a contrast between hair color and skin tone

Enhancing your natural color, not changing from blond to brown or vice versa

Going lighter and brighter

Going darker in certain areas

Following a combination of the above

However, in order to achieve vibrant and natural hair, you should follow the above procedures.

Cleaning your hair in the shower, with two gentle shampoos and a conditioner

Using the hair color with the color comb

Rubbing the hair color and using the handpiece to comb through the hair

Brushing your hair to distribute the hair color evenly through the hair.

Using a hair dryer to dry the hair, and apply the hair color for a uniform color or highlight.

Keeping your hair in a bun, bandeau, birthing suit, or towel

Pantyhose or hose, and wearing hats made from cotton.

If needed, use a spray to keep frizz down.

Addiction to Coloring My Hair